We are a team of ambitious creatives, striving to produce exciting, cinematic visual media.


First we develop a powerful concept with you in the pre-production phase. Our team of professionals then film/photograph our vision and together we turn your concept into an eye-popping top quality product.

Full Send is brilliant, both of the videos they made for my company Northeast Snowmobile and ATV rentals had over 100,000 views. Full Send has brought cash to the bottom line of our business and helped us leave our competition in the dust. They also produced a safety video which has helped educate our customers on proper use of the ATV’s. I plan on having Dan create a safety video for our Snowmobile rentals as well. Thank you Full Send Productions for what you have done for our business.
— Terry MacGillivray - Owner
My experience working with Full Send Productions has been fantastic. Our committee brief was to create 3 videos at 30 seconds, 90 seconds and 3 minutes and the finished results exceeded all our expectations. A serious amount of time has been invested by Full Send Productions not only to ensure the footage is stunning but into making 3 separate videos with different music, captions and vibe.

I would use them again in a heartbeat.
— Rachel Lampen, Director RLPR & Marketing
Creating a vision can be daunting. It can also be exciting. Working with right team can mean the difference between average and extraordinary. Full Send Productions transformed my project into something to be proud of!
— Scott McDonnell - WTNH Anchor
Honestly what can I say, Full Send has exceeded our expectations for our series Edible on the Road. From the exceptional turnaround in filming, to final product, to professionalism, to just having a great time on set! We are using the crew exclusively for our projects and highly recommend before you decide on a production crew give these guys a shout and see what they can do for you! We did and could not be happier.
— Chef Plum - Celebrity Chef