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The partnership between Full Send Productions and Travel and Explore has been not just a joyride, but also extremely rewarding! Seeing Dans style grow, adapt, and continually get better over the course of time has been fun to watch. I’ve had the pleasure of working with Dan from the beginning, and we have done some truly amazing things together that I’m very proud of. Seeing his hard work and dedication to each project he tackles, inspires and motivates me to coninue to work and chase my goals. One of Dans biggest attributes is his ability to cater to each project on an individual basis. His skill set has expanded so much that I fully believe he’s capable of creating a product that will leave even the toughest critics in awe. If you’re looking for any sort or photo/video work, run your ideas/vision by the guys at Full Send. Their hard work and dedication to meet all expectations of their clients makes them easy to work with, and you’ll be extremely satisfied with the final outcome. The best decision I made for T&E was bringing him with us to shoot a promo vid, and we’ve been working together ever since!
— Brian Heller, Travel & Explore